Saluspot Premium | Multi-Platform (2016)

Accessible Healthcare

Role: Lead Product Designer


Saluspot hired me to create a new product where users could have health insurance for a standard price. The goal was that the users could locate the nearest doctor and be able to contact them or create an appointment. In my time in Salupost I worked closely with the designer and illustrator Joanna BV who I managed, PMs and stakeholders.


We created a very strong product and it was tested by users that were very satisfied with the experience. I worked focused on the user requirements, UX and led the UI design. I managed the design team with a UI designer and together we finish a polished product. Unfortunately, the company had to be restructured and this put the future of this product at risk.


The product

The Saluspot PLUS service (Q & A and content) has been successfully launched in Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Ecuador (+ 400k users in 4 months) and was expected to be received by another 5 countries. The next step is to launch Saluspot PREMIUM which is an integrated health solution to offer an even more complete service for users.

Information Architecture

I gave myself a couple of days to do the site map with the help of MindNode. Once the map was done, I could see the complete photo of the whole project and its size. I made a list of possible improvements and also a more effective alternative flow so processes are faster and easier.

This is the final MVP after improvements and agreed by stakeholders.


Search Doctors

The Search is the section of the app where the users search doctors and clinics. All different healthcare professionals from radiologist, gynecologist or GP. It's one of the main improvements from the previous version of the app, it provides users with content and gives them a reason to use the app even when there is an emergency.

Asking doctors

Asking the doctors will continue to be one of the most important parts of Saluspot. The challenge was to select the category in a simple way so we designed a new flow that makes it simpler. The screen looks clean and free of distractions helping the user to be focused on the question.

Question details

One of the new options that we added is the possibility to see the doctors profiles who answer the questions. At the same time, other doctors can support the answer or simply add a comment complimenting the answer that has been sent to the patient.

Search questions

One of the new features of Saluspot Premium is that you can see questions related to your profile directly in your feed. You can also search for questions that may interest you and see the answers that the doctors have given to others users in Saluspot Premium.

We continuously tested our designs to validate our ideas with users in-house. We tested early on in the process, this always helped us stay on track and make sure that the final product was in line with our user's expectations

Final design


The screens below are the login and first step of the registration process. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for users to go through this process by allowing social media logins or submitting their information in a simple two step process.


The screens below are the Search function. We wanted to give the users the possiblility to see the map but also the list of the results. The users would be able to pick which view they prefer.


The screens below shows the agenda fuction where users can see when they have appointments in a list view or in a calendar. The calendar fuction also links to their personal calendar in their device.


8-Point Grid

The screens were developed using the 8-point grid system. With this system, we use column grids to align content horizontally. Baseline grids to vertically align bodies of text. Soft grids and hard grids to describe how strictly we adhere to them.

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