Liquid is a company transferring delicate files between doctors and physicians. Errors in the process could make doctors lose important information or make mistakes sending information. My responsibility was to make sure that Liquid worked in an efficient way.


We wanted to create a product that would suit both users doctors and patients, taking into account that we had a feature that allows users to ask health questions. We collected information through interviews which provided us with enough data to start working.


After a few iterations the product was released. User task time was significantly reduced. Manually reconciling errors had been removed completely. Users expressed delight at the clarity of the information and users were happy with the product.


Healthcare Community

Liquid is a secure healthcare community where healthcare providers and patients from all over the world can connect, communicate and collaborate. If you’re a healthcare provider you can’t use standard consumer or business cloud data storage to store health data because of HIPAA but you can use Liquid as it’s a purpose built healthcare cloud.

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Site Map

We defined the main sections of the app which would be: search, ask, feed and profile. The search function would act as a homepage where all the information would flow so we moved the feed to a second level.

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The Search is the section of the app where the users search doctors and clinics. All different healthcare professionals from radiologist, gynecologist or GP. It's one of the main improvements from the previous version of the app, it provides users with content and gives them a reason to use the app even when there is an emergency.

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Visual Design

After many rounds of wireframing and defining the feasibility of features that could be achieved by the technology team in time for an MVP launch in 2015, we started working on the final designs. The goal of the designs was to provide a great user experience while also taking Liquid Healthcare brand to become a more modern and clean platform.


The screen below the Dashboard. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for users to go through this process by adding all the information doctors needs on the first screen. We just use the information they need and we reduce the information we noticed in the intevies that userd did not use.

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Invitate Contacts

The screens below are the invite friends info. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for users to go through this process by allowing social media logins or submitting their information in a simple two step process.

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Liquid Contacts

The screens below are the Liquid Contacts. We can filter with the type of users we have, and we include the option of removing, chat, blocked and removed from this screen. So The user has control of them from here instead of Settings.

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Project Image

Add Contacts

The screens below is one of the steps that users have to go pass to find contacts. To add your friends you have to select first the type of users they will be, and then they can accept the request. To help the search you can add contacts by Gmail or Yahoo but also manually.

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Move Contact

Changing the type of users on your contacts is very easy, just need to tap on the user and in the mene select the one you need to use.

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User Interface

For the user interface we defined a design system to use throughout the website thinking mobile first. All elements needed to be responsive. The style guide below helped us to create a consistent design.

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